About the agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona


Our Purpose

To maintain the integrity of Arizona's water supplies and the industries that rely on these essentials for the benefit of Arizona's economy.  


Our Mission

To represent irrigated agriculture and agribusiness by working to promote and protect water resources in the state of Arizona and to actively educate, support and promote all aspects of water, agriculture, and agribusiness.  



Alert, educate and link its members on current issues important to water, agriculture and agribusiness including, but not limited to; federal and state legislation that impacts Arizona's water, agriculture and agribusiness; federal and state water, power and land policies and regulations; groundwater management; changes in taxation proposals and policies; rural, state and regional economic development.  Achieve a working consensus among its members on the best and most prudent course for agriculture to pursue in conjunction with its position in Arizona's economy.  Speak with one voice to generate further support within the industry and to effectively communicate that support to state and federal entities, major state universities as well as to the general public and to gain their understanding and favorable action on an issue under consideration.