Arizona - Mexico Commission


July 2, 2019 Agribusiness & Wildlife Committee of the Arizona - Mexico Commission meet in Scottsdale, AZ.

Chris Udall participates in the important discussions on topics such as wildlife & agricultural trade related issues, namely the movement of livestock and various perishable commodities at the border. The Co-Charis of the Committees were presented copper coins commemorating the AMC’s 60 years as an organization. Thank you to Juan Ciscomani. We-re fortunate to work with great leaders on both sides of the border and we have a Governor who is very committed to continually find ways to improve relationships and foster equitable and fair trade with our neighbors in Sonora. 


June 26-28, 2019


Arizona-Mexico Commission Summit. Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Commission. 


February 13, 2019

  Arizona-Mexico Commission Co-Chair Luncheon. ABWC Executive Director Chris Udall, participated in the work of our binational committees who, truly drive the success of the Arizona-Mexico relationship.