Vetting Forum 4 Water


1st Session for Vetting Forum 4 Water

The partnership between Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona and Arizona Municipal Water Users Association began in September of 2019.  Chris Udall, Executive Director of ABWC and Warren Tenney, Executive Director of AMWUA jointly facilitate the sessions.  With Barry Aaron's facilitating the proceedings.  

The group is inclusive and open to all.  Any legislative proposals are welcome for discussion.  The priority for discussion is given to issues submitted in advance for the agenda.  Participants are asked to succinctly identify the problem and proposed solution.  All participants are encouraged to share their views, ask genuine questions, provide constructive feedback and focus on solutions.  


October 2019 VF4W Session

We have had a great turnout of State Legislators and water interest stakeholders, attend the events.  These sessions are about discussing important water issues and vetting legislation before the 2020 Legislative session begins.  The objective is to engage legislators and all other interested stakeholders in reviewing legislative water proposals.  To provide assurance to Legislators that water legislation has been vetted by the broader water community. Providing a mechanism for the water community to share potential legislation and increase the chances of success during legislative session.  By identifying support or concern with potential legislation and resolve known issues.  


December 2019 Session

Held at the County Supervisors Association Building, Proposals have included: 

Legislative Strategies for the General Stream Adjudication, Updates on Water Efficiency Plumbing Standards, Funding for WQARF, and more.