Family Farm Alliance & Western Caucus

Family Farm Alliance Advisory Committee Members


  ABWC Family Farm Alliance Advisory Committee Members: 

Tom Davis, Yuma County Water Users' Association and Current President of the ABWC

Chris Udall, Executive Director of the Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona

Wade Noble, Yuma County Agriculture, Water Coalition, Yuma, AZ and Legislative Chair of ABWC

N.W. Bill Plummer, Water Resources Consultant and Past President of ABWC

About Family Farm Alliance


 The Family Farm Alliance is a Non-Profit, Grass Roots Association.  Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona Members are active participants, serving on the board and advisory committees of this national association.  .

Chris Udall gives testimony at the Western Caucus / ESA Roundtable in Washington D.C.


"The law should protect land owners and protect and recover species.  Neither, in my opinion, are well protected at this point.  The regulations written to implement the law should follow the intent of the law and should be subject to re-authorization, amending or repeal like other federal laws.  It’s time to bring the ESA into the 21st century."  Chris Udall, Executive Director of ABWC participated in the Western Caucus meeting in August of 2019.

(Photos by Kailey Broussand/Cronkite News)

Endangered Species Act


  Members of Congressional Western Caucus and officials from agriculture, energy and land use industry groups, discuss proposals to revise the Endangered Species Act.      (Kailey Broussard/Cronkite News) 

ABWC connection with the Western Caucus


A Message from our Executive Director, Chris Udall.

Bob Lynch Provides Testimony


A Message from ABWC Executive Council Member 

 Bob Lynch of Robert S. Lynch & Associates